Arizona Sonoran Pollen!

H&H Honey has delicious Arizona bee pollen for sale!  Many people enjoy a spoonful of pollen in the morning granola or oatmeal!  

Pollen is full of vitamins and is very good for you.  It is a sweet addition to your morning.  

Buy Raw Bee Arizona Pollen!

1/2 Pt Desert Pollen

$15 Pint of Pollen

1 Pint Desert Pollen

$26 Pint of Pollen

1 Quart Desert Pollen

$49 Quart of Pollen

Before you begin using Arizona bee pollen, we recommend testing to make sure you’re not allergic to it.

(We recommend you consult your doctor)  Some people begin by trying a single grain.  

If you get an itchy throat or any other allergic type reactions, stop or take it slower by diluting the pollen in water.  Most people are fine but play it safe!

Our pollen comes from the South/East Valley where our bees collect it by going flower to flower.  It is sweet and delicious!  Get some today! read more

  • Bee Pollen is most nutritious with some 96 nutrients
  • A great source of protein and fat free.
  • Arizona Natural Desert Bee Pollen is pure energy and nutrition !

Arizona bee pollen is amazing!

Isn’t it great to live in the beautiful Sonoran Desert?! The sunsets alone right? Not only is it beautiful but some say the Sonoran Desert has a wider variety of blooming plants than anywhere else on the planet!

That contributes to some the amazing Arizona bee pollen they gather. 

Think about it? Here in Phoenix we not only are surrounded but a diverse desert, but we constantly pretend we aren’t in a desert and plant a huge number of non-native plants.  This adds to our Arizona bee pollen diversity!

Arizona bee pollen

Pollen fresh from the AZ Desert!

The H&H Honey bees gather amazing pollen from this bountiful landscape. Our Arizona bee pollen has been gathered by the bees, carefully filtered and frozen, never heated.

Unlike many pollen sources we never heat treat our pollen as this destroys some of the best enzymes. Many people report relief from allergy symptoms from eating pollen!

Arizona bee pollen is amazing and one of the richest foods you can eat. It is composed of some 96 nutrients! This potent mix of minerals, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, and other life-giving nutrients make bee pollen an amazingly nutritious blend.

When bees bounce from flower to flower, they collect the male pollen from the plant, the seed of life that is packed full of tasty energy.

Thousands of pollen graduals are packed into a small pellet containing an estimated 5,000 enzymes and co-enzymes. That means this pollen has more amino acids than eggs, beef or cheese – all without the fat. Eat guilt free!

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Arizona bee pollen, like all pollen has been coveted as a super food throughout human history. Some of the longest-living humans have been documented in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia. What is surprising is that so many of them made their living selling honey and eating bee pollen.

Raw honey is chuck full of pollen so basically these people were eating pollen. Pollen and honey is also mentioned in the Bible, the Talmud and the Koran as well as in the ancient scrolls of the Orient, Rome and Greece. History is full of examples of the power of pollen and modern research confirms the legends. Arizona bee pollen is the best of the stuff and when you eat it you are part of that history.

Local Arizona Pollen

Local Arizona Pollen

Bee Pollen has been used by Olympic Athletes and health experts alike to increase energy, strength and stamina, It is also great for losing weight because it is nutritionally complete without fat!

It’s also great for vegetarians or those who don’t eat adequate amounts of red meat because it’s protein rich and a rare non-animal source of vitamin B-12.

Honeybee pollen is wild and collected from wherever the bee wanders, it is important to know the source of your pollen.

Get to know your beekeepers! The pristine desert of the American Southwest is a perfect environment to collect pollen since it is so dry.

The pristine desert of the American Southwest, with such long warm seasons, provides a constant supply of blooming plants for the bees to collect their delicious Arizona bee pollen!

This is the perfect environment to produce a dry, diverse, multi-floral pollen that is naturally sweet with a high concentration of nutrients (See Pictures Above!). Because we have so much space beekeepers are able to maintain hives far away from town where there are pollutants and agricultural crops with pesticides.

There are many ways to add bee pollen to your diet but the best way is to enjoy the tasty granules on cereal, fruit, salads or in milkshakes, juice or water. Just get it in your diet! It doesn’t much matter how!*