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Raw Local honey is MUCH better than honey in the store.  Raw honey has never been heated or filtered so all the good stuff is still in it!

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Great Honey for Good People...

Ever wondered where you can get great local honey that has NEVER been heated or overfiltered?

Well you've found the place!  H&H Honey works the bees naturally in the valley of the sun!

Orange blossom is super popular but we have other types of honey and pollen too!  

We have three types of Honey in right now.  Pueblo Clover, a super sweet, almost maple honey.  Orange blossom from North Mesa Citrus where you can taste a hint of orange.  Mesquite, a savory honey with that distinct Mesquite flavor that reminds you of the desert. Check it out below!

Once you enjoy Honey Straight from the Hive - You won't want to go back!

At H&H Honey we make mighty-fine stuff for good people. Our raw honey is straight from the bees. That's right, straight from the bees into our jars.

Don't over think it. We also produce the finest Arizona Pollen for allergy sufferers. Check out our bee facts and look around!

Nature knows best...

We are a boutique micro apiary and has several hives working to make raw Arizona goodness straight from our hives to your pantry. Our local Arizona product comes from our hives just south of the Phoenix metro area. We keep our hives natural and chemical free. We work hard to keep the ladies comfortable!

Our hives are nestled in a quiet grove surrounded by mesquite trees and desert wildflowers, This is the best environment for our bees to make some of the best tasting local, organic stuff around! Most of our hives are captured wild hives that we have domesticated. Join us in our mission to save the bees!

Why choose H&H Honey?

  • Local Arizona, flora-fed bees. What is more beautiful than the desert in bloom?  The Sonoran Desert has an enormous biodiversity with some plants that can be found nowhere else! 
  • Raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized honey. Don't mess with perfection.  We keep our honey the way the Lord intended.
  •  Passionate beekeepers committed to quality honey products.  We started selling our honey online in 2012 and haven't looked back!  

Ok I get honey... What else do bees do? - “Pollen”

Most people don't know about pollen... 

Bees collect pollen to be a protein source.  They go flower to flower and not only collect nectar, but the plants pollen as well. Apart from being kind of sweet the pollen is chuck full of amazing nutrients.