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What flavor of honey should I try?

Honey is made from the nectar of plants.  Plants produce nectar to incentivise insects like bees and butterflies to  visit and help pollinate.

There are SO many plants that produce nectar and since honey is made from nectar there are many varieties of honey.

Each nectar makes a different tasting honey.  Most honey is labeled with a name like clover or alfalfa or orange blossom.  However this name just means that they honey is PRIMARILY made from these plants.

Bees do what they want…

Bees go wherever they want and will not be commanded!  They very rarely just collect from one place so beekeepers do the best they can by the taste and color of the honey as well as the time of year and what is blooming to describe the honey.

This means that the honey might even taste different from year to year based on the mixture of plants that were in bloom producing nectar at the time.

Nature is always in motion so no 2 bottles of honey are exactly the same!

Honey is an interesting substance and is each one a special experience.  So try a variety and see how you like the taste!