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At H&H Honey we make mighty-fine stuff for good people.  Our raw honey is straight from the bees.  That's right, straight from the bees into our jars.

Don't over think it.  We also produce the finest Arizona Pollen for allergy sufferers.  Check out our bee facts and look around! 

Local Pollen

H&H Honey is one of the few beekeepers providing Phx Area local pollen!  

Bees Wax Soon!

Very soon we will have naturally processed Bees Wax for purchase!  

Nature Knows Best...

We are a boutique micro apiary and has several hives working to make raw Arizona goodness straight from our hives to your pantry.  Our local Arizona product comes from our hives just south of the Phoenix metro area.  We keep our hives natural and chemical free.  We work hard to keep the ladies comfortable!

Our hives are nestled in a quiet grove surrounded by mesquite trees and desert wildflowers,   This is the best environment for our bees to make some of the best tasting local, organic stuff around!  Most of our hives are captured wild hives that we have domesticated.  Join us in our mission to save the bees!

Bee Making Raw Honey

Why choose H&H Honey?

  • Local Arizona, flora-fed bees
  • Raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized honey
  • No syrups or sugars added....ever!
  • Locally owned and operated business
  • Passionate beekeepers committed to quality honey products
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It's not easy keeping bees but we love it!

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The List Show TV came out to film our hives!  It was fun showing them around!  Take a look!

Local Pollen

People use pollen for many reasons.  As a super food pollen is amazing for the nutrients contained in these little granules.  People normally use about a teaspoon or two in their smoothies, yogurt, or cereal. 

Our pollen is gathered from the our pollen traps under the hive, carefully filtered by machine, then by hand before it's frozen.  We never heat or dry the pollen as that destroys some of the nutritious enzymes.

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We keep the hives moving so the bees have plenty to eat so they can make the tastiest local raw stuff around! Don't miss the next batch!  Get on our list and we will let you know of what's going on including when we have more in stock!

Local Raw Arizona Beekeepers

The Making a new queen!    

How Does H&H Honey Collect it's Raw Organic AZ good stuff?

We are serious about quality Arizona goodness.  We love our bees and like to keep them happy.  We keep them in areas where they can get the best pollen because that makes the best tasting product!  When the bees finish making a box of comb we collect the box and take it to our kitchen.  

We decap the comb and put the whole frame in a centrifuge to get all the raw honey out.  Then it drips down into a large bucket and into a bottle!  We do only the most minimal straining  The bottle is full natural organic honey straight from the bees to the the jar so there may be some small wax particulates.  Don't worry!  It's good for you!  All the good nutrients, enzymes and pollens are left in!  

H&H Honey believes in keeping it raw and local.

Raw means no processing, and nothing added to change the flavor, color, or taste. Since it is raw local Arizona honey that means it contains what many people are calling the world’s greatest super food. Pollen!

One pound of Pollen contains the same amount of protein as a one pound sirloin steak. Unlike steak pollen provides almost 10 times the amount on vitamin A, iron, and calcium. On top of all of that since it is raw local Arizona pollen it can help alleviate seasonal allergies.

What are you really getting when you buy that cute bear at the store? That is just it; you don’t know! The world's largest honey producer is China, the same place that brought you lead painted toys. The US government tries to keep China bee products out of the US market place, but there is nothing stopping say Argentina or Brazil from buying it from China, and then selling it to the US. H&H is committed to selling raw local Arizona golden gold!

Here you can talk directly to your beekeeper, (Clay and Josh), and understand what is in your pure stuff. If the unknown does not convince you to buy local Arizona harvested honey then the flavor will!  Ours is delicious and people are always telling us they go through it fast!

So is your honey real?

What does high fructose corn syrup and honey have in common? If you buy it from a major chain store it could be a lot.  Many major producers feed their bees high fructose corn syrup and have them convert that!  That isn't good for you, bees or all the plants the bees won't be pollinating!  They do this so the bees can produce year round in huge volumes. This is great for profit, but bad for taste, and bad for the poor bees!  

We provide only the best raw stuff made from natural desert flora.  Our bees are south of Queen Creek most the year where they have breathing room to browse the flowers and mesquite trees in peace. We love the bees and have been beekeepers in the valley for several years.  We have a great bee mentor and both have beekeeping in our family so we take it very seriously! That’s why we do it. There is nothing like the taste of pure,raw local Arizona goodness. 

H&H honey is the best tasting stuff I have ever had! It’s like it came straight from the hive. I love the fact that it is raw and still contains all of its original enzymes. And coming from the Arizona desert makes it even better. Each morning I start my day with a spoonful of H&H honey and mix it in a glass of water with some bee pollen and some lemon juice. What a great health tonic to start out the day!

Doug C.
Bruce G.

I am from Northern Mn. I consume approximately 2+ gallons of honey per year and at least 1tsp. of Bee Pollen each day (Do not measure just sprinkle it out nowadays). After a vacation to the Phoenix area and a couple of Farmers Markets I was convinced I needed some Arizona Honey.

Once I returned home and some research on the Internet I narrowed my search down to 3 Beekeepers in the Phoenix area. I talked to each of the beekeepers by phone at least 2 times some more (right Clay)?

I made my decision to go with H&H for a couple of reasons, first of all I liked Clay Harper’s personality, it was Great! He answered all my (Minnesota dumb) questions. I am used to Clover and Alfalfa which here in Mn is pretty thin (runny) compared to Arizona Mesquite.

Cost was another reason, H&H Honey and Bee Pollen was alittle more expensive but there shipping cost was a lot less. I believed that H&H had enough confidence in their product that they would charge for it instead of try to make up for it in shipping cost!

Total overall price H&H is less expensive. After receiving the Mesquite Honey and Bee Pollen I can not explain how happy I am with H&H Honey. I think you need to be a Honey Coinsurer to really appreciate it. The taste is so flavorable, the thickness and texture are all so different than I am used to. H&H Bee Pollen is so soft it melts in your mouth!

I am trying to teach my 4 yr. old Granddaughter to be a Honey Coinsurer and now when she stops by and ask for honey its like this “Grandpa can we have some honey, I want the hard honey though” which is H&H Mesquite Honey because it is so much thicker.

This 4 yr.old can even tell the difference. Thank-you for everything Clay. I think everyone should treat themselves to your H&H Honey, and to anyone that does take bee pollen I really suggest trying H&H Bee Pollen. I know I will be a return customer. Bruce from northern Minnesota.

Clay Harper Honey taster

Oh the honey is good.  Each morning every bee is gently massaged by our team before they meander out into the desert to collect their glittery droplets.  Relaxed bees make more and better product.  Yeah we get stung a lot and we lose the bee, but it's not easy being an apiary.